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your new favorite mountain running website where you will learn all the ins and outs of this sport. We will talk about methods, training processes, diet, issues that come up with mountain running as well as the best gear to use. 

Having been in the depths of mountain running for a long time,

I can tell you that mountain running is a lot more about technique, training style, your diet, and your gear than you think. This is why Moutainrunning.org.nz is dedicated to posting the latest information about mountain running, best terrains, how to start, and how to excel in the kiwi land. 

We believe in the two pillars of mountain running: 

1- The athletic undertaking of the most efficient movement in the mountains that’s is focused on safety, dynamics, and biomechanics. 

2- The thrill of being able to challenge yourself on the most dangerous yet thrilling peaks on foot to undertake physical and mental challenges. 

While regular running can be good for your health, mountain running is on another level. Having the capacity to overcome your fears and succeeded can build great confidence, not to mention, you can get great footage on the GoPro.  

We will also talk about a lot of techniques such as glissading, wading jumping, skipping, leaping, scrambling, climbing, hopping, sliding, post-holing, bushwhacking that are important for mountain running depending on the terrain and the weather. 

We at Moutainrunning.org.nz love the electrifying feeling of the adventure we get, it’s not just about your strength, coordination, and cardio, it’s also about your knowledge of the terrain,

Testing yourlef,

your technique and navigation skills are all topics we will be dealing with on our website. 

We have some of the most skilled and renowned mountain running experts from all around the world and New Zealand provides you with the best content that you need on anything mountain running-related including tips on mountain running, the best terrains, how to start as a beginner, the best gear to have, and how to plan out your route. You can expect to see a lot of news on the world of mountain running as well as competitions held in New Zealand. 

Mountain climbing
Sleeping on the cliff

Why we are the best at what we do: 

You can’t really rely on just any old information from anywhere as mountain running is a highly technical sport that requires good nutrition, and excellent motor skills. Therefore, you really need to get your content from people who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. This is why we have a team of writers who are the best in the field. 

Mountainrunning.org.nz is also dedicated to giving you the latest accurate news about competitions that are coming up so you can step your game and show them the fearless inside you. We also care about your safety which is why we prioritize training and techniques that help you manage the distance as well as developing methods for quick recoveries. We know how hard it is to trust random unknown content that can be dangerous, so rest assured because we got this!