Top 5 Ab Exercises

You are in good company. The same exercise equipment and gym equipment has been used by great athletes and bodybuilders for many years to get them in great shape. We are going to go over some ways that will help you get started on your path to great looking abs.

The first step is to identify what your goals are. Are you looking to get rid of excess love handles or bulky upper arms? Getting rid of love handles, they are both. We can use the same gym equipment and bodybuilding equipment to get rid of them and develop thicker, more toned arms.

What if you want to build more muscle and reduce your body fat and get your 6 pack abs out of hiding? Or what if you want to gain more muscle and build that six pack. But how much muscle do you need?

We will go over that later on. First, lets start with a couple exercises and an exercise program that you can do at home.

Crunch for Cardio

You can do this using a curl bar or a pull up bar. You may want to start with the curl bar because the bar is a little easier to use.

Curl your body up and down to about 40 degrees, and repeat. Once you get strong, move on to the pull up bar. This is great cardio and you will get toned and ripped. This is an easy exercise, but you will need a spotter.


This exercise is great for cardio and will get you pumped and work your muscles. Do this with your feet flat on the floor. Then bring both legs together and then bring one leg up and bring your foot down. Repeat 10 times and switch legs. This will get you pumped and work your abs.


You may want to use the edge of a bench or a chair to do this. You will want to put your feet up on the bench to get a more stable ab workout. You will also want to focus on not bending your knees. You want to maintain a straight back.


You will also want to keep a slight bend in your knees. Bend your knees less than 90 degrees. Once you are strong you can move onto the squat-up-repeat.

After you are strong, you can switch back to chair and bench to do a squat-up-repeat.

Deadlift – repeat

If you can, you can use a low box to get a better workout. If you can, the higher box is better for the abs. Once you are strong, you can do the deadlift with your feet on the floor to get a higher ab workout.