About Us

We are absolutely thrilled to have you join our website mountainrunning.org.nz. We appreciate your trust and commitment to our content. We won’t let you down and we’ll provide the best possible content on mountain running. 

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced mountain runners in New Zealand. We have a lot of pioneers in the sport who help us with the content to give you the latest news and the best information on this beautiful athletic sport. 

After years of training, we happen to find a lot of content on the internet about mountain running which seemed not just false and inefficient, but it was also unsafe. We all know the risks associated with our sport which is why we decided to help New Zealand become the best mountain running country in the world. We don’t want people getting bad information, we want them to get the most accurate and safe tips and tricks for mountain running. This is where we come in. 

Our mission is simple and clear, we want people to enhance their quality of life and our process will do just that. Obesity is an issue that hunts our people and exercise is the best form of burning calories. However, we want people to take on mountain running because it does not just technically burn more calories and use more muscle, but it’s also fun. You could easily spend hours going through the mountains with your friends by using your skills. 

Moreover, we also want people to mentally challenge themselves and get in the zone. Getting over your fears and climbing that intimidating mountain can boost your confidence and make you want to run more. Not to mention, the mental reward of reaching the peak and looking at the fantastic scenery of New Zealand in an unmatched experience. 

Let’s get this community to grow and prosper in the marvelous mountains of New Zealand!